At Core For Life we focus on all aspects of fitness including core strength, agility, flexibility, cardio vascular fitness, strength and muscular endurance, amongst others, giving you a well rounded fitness that you can maintain for the rest of your life.

Your health and fitness is your greatest asset. It allows us to enjoy life without restrictions. Group training sessions are a great way to stay motivated. Giving you a large support group to push you harder and keep you moving closer to your fitness goals.

Our tailored sessions suit all fitness levels and groups, large and small. Join with a group of friends or partner for In-twos fitness or enjoy tackling the challenge solo with one-on-one personal training.


CEDRIC SEAH is a health professional who has been involved in health and fitness in South Australia for more than 15 years.

Cedric has a wide range of experience and has used that experience to develop programs that will help you learn to stabilise and strengthen your core. His studies have focused on functional movement for everyday life.

Cedric has the following qualifications:

Certificate III and IV Master Trainer (Personal Trainer) www.fitness.edu.au
Senior First Aid (Red Cross)

Registered Exercise Professional with Fitness Australia