Core for Life has helped me achieve my fitness goals despite my history of injuries and being generally quite out of shape.  Cedric helps push me to my fitness limits while being careful to avoid injury.  His training style is encouraging, not demoralising, but he also doesn't let me off the hook when he knows I can give more.  He also follows up to check on my recovery after a PT session.  Finally, he is always educating himself (and his client) on the latest equipment (tools of torture) and types of training.


Cedric takes a real interest in our health and in improving our fitness and I like that he is very calm and provide lots of positive encouragement in his approach to each training session.

I am still working on achieving my goals and I have found that both group sessions and the 1 on 1 training sessions make working towards them an enjoyable experience.

I chose to train with Core For Life because I like their approach to training. Cedric makes it interesting and fun so that it doesn't feel like a chore. The training routine varies all the time to keep in interesting and Cedric really do listen to what I have to say and adjust our training accordingly.

Core For Life’s group sessions are challenging and fun. Training down at Henley beach each Saturday morning is a great way to start the weekend and I always feel refreshed after. I love the combination of boxing and other strength and cardio activities that Cedric get us to do. It is never boring and that's why I like coming.



Ceds is a dedicated personal trainer, who trains hard but fair. He has a range of clients, from new to regular, and he caters for beginners through to challenging regulars. I would recommend Core For Life to anyone who expresses an interest in training. Its affordable, its fun and Ceds always have a smile on his face.

I like the customer service, politeness and timely electronic reminders of upcoming sessions that Core For Life provides. Although my personal goals have changed and evolve, Ceds has helped keep me motivated through follow-ups.

I chose Core For Life from word of mouth at work. It is a convenient time and location for group training for me between work and home. The weekend session at the beach is a good break from the usual training location.


Core For Life provided excellent service. A range of times to suit my needs was a real bonus. I never felt fitter than when I was training with Core For Life. They are great value for money and a dynamic environment. Core for life would be perfect for anybody who wants to get fit under the guidance of a professional, supportive trainer. Cedric is friendly and brings out the best in his clients.



Cedric cares about people and wants to see the best from you! His style of training is encouraging and empowering, knowing when you can give that little bit extra to achieve your goals!

Core For Life has helped me improve my fitness which I need to maintain for my job and has also set me on the right path for healthy living.

The fact that Core For Life runs outdoor sessions is very appealing to me as I am an outdoor person! Also the training session offers great value for money, and Cedric is a friendly, happy and caring person!

Core For Life is very professional and dedicated to achieving the best out of you.


Ceds is the type of trainer that makes me work hard without me even noticing it. From the range of exercises and equipment he has to his enthusiastic yet calm approach he gets the group doing everything from cardio work, like boxing, to weights, resistance and core work. His wide knowledge is great too - he has an exercise for everything and an answer to all of my never ending questions … what’s this exercise working? Is my technique right? Why would I want to do that? The outdoor training environment and friendly people also provided a point of difference that I loved, and I’m still amazed at the low prices which are definitely more competitive than others I’ve come across.


Cedric is very professional in what he does. He shows great enthusiasm in helping people reach their goals as well as pushing you to strive for more. I’ve done the gym thing before but find exercising outdoors is a far more motivating and the group training is a lot more social and supportive environment. After watching my health slowly deteriorate I’ve now turned that around and I feel more energetic and confident.



Core For Life is always positive, friendly and very flexible. The price, the trainer’s non guilt and non yelling approach and the different style of training – core strength are the reasons why I choose to train with Ceds. With the core strength training, I feel that I am pushed to my capabilities.

Small groups with great attention from a trainer who has had a life long personal interest in his own health and fitness. He always makes sure you are doing the exercise correctly to get maximum value.

The only trainer I have come across who spent the time to come to my podiatrist to find out more about my foot injury and exactly what exercises I could do. He then altered my training to suit – both 1-1 personal training and also in the group sessions. He ensured that I stuck to what I was meant to do and didn’t do any further damage to my foot.



I was pleasantly surprised to find that the group training allowed me to train at my own pace which is really important as we all have different skill levels. After being in an office all day, it’s refreshing to be training outdoors and not within a confined space.

Ceds motivates you to train your best without feeling guilty which makes it enjoyable.

The only ‘core’ I knew prior to joining up came from an apple. Now I understand what my core is and how to work better on it to increase my strength.

It doesn’t matter what fitness level you are, Core For Life will cater to suit your needs/goals.


Ceds constantly have something new for us to try. This definitely helps to motivate me, as variety keeps it interesting. He has a very personalised approach. Even in a group environment, I feel as if I’m getting one-on-one support.

I came out to the sessions with the sole aim of losing weight but Core For Life classes inspired me to also work on my fitness and strength. Now that’s more of a focus for me.

Ceds often knows when I’m finding something too easy and he always makes sure I’m working to my intensity and thus getting value for money. Ceds enjoy what he does and that shows in the way he teaches.

Ceds is open to the needs of the people he teaches and he will happily tailor the classes to accommodate injuries and areas we want to target.

Core For Life is well priced, forever challenging me and has got me excited about fitness again!


Previously I've found group fitness classes very strict which made them seem like a chore. Core for Life provides a fun, social atmosphere for training which makes the whole process enjoyable, helping to keep you coming back and getting results.

Diverse range of professional exercises tailored to specific abilities. It’s reassuring to know that I'm using weights safely and getting a balanced work out.

No contracts, very flexible and excellent value for money.

Down to earth, personal service.